The journey began back in February 2007, but we didn’t have a food truck, yet the passion for serving great food to our hungry followers throughout Greater Rochester was definitely on the horizon.

We launched our business Sonny’s Landing serving mainly hots, hamburgers, sausage, portobello burgers, and fresh cut fries.

Fast forward 8 years – Business is booming we now have 2 carts, a storefront, and tents set up at every festival, fair, and concert in the area.

Best pizza in rochester

2014 --Enter Eat Greek--

Eat Greek Food Truck introduced our Greek recipes to the masses. It was a huge success.

With the knowledge that that food trucks were sweeping the nation, and knowing that timing is everything. We knew it was the time to throw our hat into the ring.

The search was on for the perfect truck….we located our truck in Indiana. It was a Snap-On truck it would fit our operation perfectly, so away we went took a Greyhound bus with a certified check and a dealer plate in hand.

We knew there was no turning back, without ever test driving or seeing this truck in person we were committed to buying it.

After a few months of customization and a killer wrap, we had launched our very own Food Truck!


Fresh Greek Food Daily

Need Catering Services?

We have extensive experience catering to all types of events. Regardless if it is a private party, wedding ceremony, company picnic, or your kid’s graduation party, we will bring Authentic Greek food to you.